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Our CPAs have extensive experience assisting clients to maneuver through complex tax problems. They worked preparing tax returns for clients with a variety of tax problems including moving to Colorado from another state, sale of real estate or other assets, stock transactions, partnership investments, marriage or divorce, and many others. We are continually updating our knowledge of the tax laws to ensure our clients benefit from the latest changes. Together Jim and Claudia have over 64 years of combined experience in tax preparation and planning.

As reputable, full time professional tax preparers we will be willing to go to bat for you with the IRS, even standing by your side at an audit to explain how the return was prepared. The best defense, they say, is a great offense. Getting your tax return prepared accurately, with plenty of documentation and good recordkeeping. Your documentation is the best way to prove to the IRS that you were serious, thoughtful, and thorough in preparing your return.

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James Dye and Claudia Whitcomb are graduates of Colorado State University and are well versed and experienced in Federal, Colorado and other state tax preparation and planning.

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For the assistance you need in minimizing your taxes this year and every year, contact our Fort Collins office by calling: 970-207-9724

FREE State Tax Prep with Federal Tax

State Tax Prep with Federal Tax – When we prepare your federal income tax return, we will prepare one state for no additional charge.

FREE Initial Consultation at Dye and Whitcomb Fort Collins CPAs

Initial Consultation – Your initial consultation is for you to ask questions and decide if we are the right accountants for you.  Also during this consultation, we will want to know more about you so we can determine how we can best serve you.  This initial consultation is absolutely free and without any obligation.

FREE Tax Filing

Electronic Tax Filing – We believe filing your tax return electronically is the fastest and most efficient method for filing income tax returns. When we prepare your income tax returns, whenever possible, we provide electronic filing at no additional charge.


Quotes for Service –Normally, we charge for services based on the amount of time required to perform professional services at our normal billing rates, plus any out-of-pocket expenses.  When requested, we will provide you with an estimate of our total fees for any proposed service.  When we provide a fee estimate, it will be based on our understanding of the amount of work required.  In most circumstances, it is only possible to give a fee range until a complete understanding of a particular situation is known.   Our normal billing rates vary depending on the nature of the service and the level of experience of the person performing the work.

FREE tax organizer

Tax Organizer – To maximize your tax deductions you must be organized!  For returning clients, we provide a free tax organizer based on the prior year’s information to help them organize their tax information and make sure they do not miss any important deductions.  For new clients, if we have a copy of their prior year’s tax return we can compile and deliver to them a comprehensive personalized tax organizer.  For existing clients, we mail the tax organizer automatically.  New clients can receive this service by simply sending us a copy of their last year’s income tax return and requesting a free personalized income tax organizer.

FREE Initial Consultation

Review of Last Years Return – When we prepare your income tax return for the first time, we will review your last year’s income tax returns for free.  We will check the mathematical accuracy and check for missed deduction or tax savings opportunities that may have been missed.  If we discover any possible ways to save you tax on your last year’s return, we will let you know about it and propose filing an amended return to get you a refund.

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