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James K. Dye, CPA

Jim Dye

Jim has over 30 years of practical experience providing accounting services that help his clients save taxes and achieve their financial objectives.  His approach is to work closely with each client, to understand their goals, and communicate alternative strategies to achieve them.



Business – Jim has wide-ranging experience assisting small and medium-sized business clients. From start-up to succession planning and exit strategies, he has worked with corporations, partnerships and sole-proprietorships in all phases of operation.  Industries where he has significant experience include construction, real estate development, manufacturing, retail, agribusiness, medical services and energy.

Individuals – Jim has worked with  hundreds of individual clients.  He is experienced at sorting through the complex and sometimes confusing income tax rules to achieve the lowest possible tax liability. Because of his many years of experience, he knows what questions to ask to pick up deductions that may have been overlooked. He knows how to look at a proposed sale of assets and recommend alternative ways to minimize the tax bite. 

Estates and Trusts – While working with clients, Jim does not overlook their need for estate planning and the use of trusts. In spite of changes in inheritance tax rules that have raised the threshold for gross estates that will be subject to this tax, many individuals will still be subject to inheritance tax due to increased earnings and inflation  He has extensive practical experience working with dozens of clients to save millions in estate taxes by working with them to structure their affairs to achieve both their personal wealth transfer objectives and minimize tax.

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James K. Dye, CPA  -Colorado Certificate Number 4032

Claudia B. Whitcomb, CPA - Colorado Certificate Number 10239

 Dye & Whitcomb, LLC - Colorado Firm Registration Number 12389

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Claudia B. Whitcomb, CPA

Claudia Whitcomb CPA

Claudia  has over 20 years experience in public and private accounting. She is knowledgeable about the complexities of tax law as well as the management of day-to-day operation of a business. This combination gives her a unique perspective from which to assist her clients manage their business and financial affairs.


Business – Claudia has worked for private companies for 5 years and in public accounting for over 10 years.  She has successfully improved the financial operations of many clients by assisting them to develop cost efficient financial reporting systems. Her approach is to balance the needs of the client with cost. She has extensive experience working with start-up companies to ensure they select the best legal form to achieve the best tax advantage.  Additionally, she can assist clients in choosing the best accounting and payroll systems to meet their needs.  Her experience and knowledge provides an excellent resource for clients by solving little problems before they become more serious.

Individuals – Claudia has extensive experience assisting clients with complex tax problems. She has prepared tax returns for clients with a variety of tax problems including moving into Colorado from another state, sale of real estate or other assets, stock transactions, partnership investments, marriage or divorce, and many others. Continually, she is updating her knowledge of the tax laws to ensure her clients benefit form the latest changes to the tax law.

Tax Planning – Claudia is always looking for ways to save her clients taxes. She has learned from sometimes-bitter experience that the best way to accomplish this is to properly plan financial transactions. Claudia’s experience and knowledge about income taxes has prepared her to assist her clients to minimize their tax liability while achieving their financial goals. She is skilled at recognizing and presenting various alternatives to clients so they understand the options and the tax consequences of each. This participatory planning process has meant significant savings for hundreds of her clients.

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